Unity and diversity partnership as heart

A social impact leader
and a passionate advocate
for equity, collaboration

and innovation for
empowered outcomes!

Linden Circle offers the comprehensive capabilities and in-depth knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization within social impact.

From big tech to nonprofit, we know how to dive deep into your business strategy and social engagement potential that connects the dots with measured outcomes and impact.

We actualize collective impact bringing in expertise and knowledge-share that can cultivate equality around a common goal of serving and impacting others in the best way possible.


How can corporations bridge new conversations and new ways to create equity and be successful?

How does this intersect with communities, nonprofits and the work being done to support and empower...


Discovery and Connections

What do we already know?

By understanding your organizations strategic direction, challenges and goals, we can co-create a social engagement focus that leverages existing products, services, relationships and passion that ultimately lead toward shared and measured outcome and impact.

  • Social Impact and CSR Strategy

  • Project Design

  • Community Engagement

  • Partnership Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Change Management

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Scope and Potential

Dream, Learn, Grow and Plan

With analysis and information, we can take strong values and shared beliefs and bridge them to identify what a story of impact will look like. With appreciative inquiry, we learn from the team, community and leadership. And, ultimately develop a plan that carries an equitable lens, expands to support and empower while reaching toward a new way to innovate and grow. These can provide a solid roadmap for the next steps.

  • Research and Analysis

  • Social Impact Assessment

  • Program Design

  • Program Evaluation

  • Design Thinking

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The Plan and Impact

An Innovative Solution

​It is our desire to build on a foundation of trust and authenticity to help develop out and implement strategically aligned key outcomes for our clients. We focus on achieving goals, growing their brand and business success aligning with an overall ability to nurture and engage employees and customers for positive impact in the communities they live and work.

  • Implementation

  • Advising and Coaching

  • Evaluation and Check ups

  • Impact Story Telling

  • Strategic Volunteerism

  • Nonprofit Board Engagement

Our Valued Partners


Michael Management Corporation

CSR Strategy

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The Hetty Group

Social Impact Advisor



Change Management


"I truly appreciate Linda’s work and the positive affect she had on our efforts within the state. She was invaluable in her help to obtain access to key IBM education materials, Cloud-based services and programs. She initiated a number of grants to support local non-profits that had significant impacts and positioned IBM in a very favorable way. I really appreciated her approach and “Can do” attitude in guiding our team members through the various business processes required to support our civic programs."

K. Brown, Senior State Executive, IBM Oregon

"Linda is a strategic partner adept at leveraging resources to promote impact. Her community-based approach considers all partner interests and encourages collaboration to reach common goals. Linda brings a level of insight and skill to programs that pushes individual and organizational growth. Her contributions to our board are invaluable!"

E. Phillipi, Executive Director, In4All

"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda for more than fifteen years, both in Oregon and nationally. Linda is the exceptional strategic thinker, able to see the big picture while at the same time, attentive to the little details necessary to implementation. Together, we brainstormed and developed a series of business-to-nonprofit partnerships to benefit student engagement in service-learning, while also strengthening the operational and organizational capacity of the nonprofit - all made possible because of Linda's deep understanding of and experience with corporate responsibility."

S. Abravanel, Founder and Principle, S. A. Consulting, LLC.